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Entry #10

Madness Combat: Mr.Ramblings.

2017-05-05 16:44:01 by GuarapariBuziosArte

HEY! I am making a session like of what my "Madness Combat" world would be like.


It would be still in nevada, but in the worst part of it. It would have cops, But they suck ass, Much of them are corrupts, and it has a dictator (in my madness world) 

Much people became Drug Dealers or Weapon Sellers to have money to pay their 200++ Taxes, And to Protect themselfes.

These peps i will show:

A Wanting-Revenge Hitman, A Furious Dictator, And a Wanted Mysterious guy and maybe more things...


The first is that wanted guy (Credits goes To @slimshady0592 and @GameMr)


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2017-05-07 00:57:24


GuarapariBuziosArte responds:

? what?